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Books Made




Scene I.

Randy Newman [singing to old timey stomp-pop]:
We're going to crash land
In this first scene
(Yeah) We're going unmanned
Unclothed by lycopene

This one stroke engine
Living on a family of four
Missile is like an Injun
Riding into the roar

Staring at holy cow
[fade, repeat]

Setting, a "Star Wars"-lit motel, Nicaragua suburbs.

Ben Kingsley [as Baron von Lopez] walks toward a sandwich on the bar, studies it, approves, shrugs.

Kevin Bacon [as Dweezil Zappa] tackles then straddles Kingsley.

You [as you in 20 years] stumble in.

All right, we've really opened up.
(Shakes head)
F.ing Pandora's Box here.
F.ing 20 questions.

Bacon turns slowly to you; it's snowing in the Death Star. He unstraddles Kingsley.

All right, how do you play?

Kingsley is jettisoned.

Choose a famous person,
I ask 20 yes or no questions.
Let's do it.

All right, got one.

Is it Dweezil Zappa crash landing?




*2009 WOOD COIN: You’ve Reely Scored a Movie Issue: XeusZenon, “Books Made”