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from gallop this Bogart‡

Heller Levinson*




  occlusive eye

  eyeball coercion




image heist/ hoist                haul
conditioning the perceptual highway      highjack
highjacking the occipital cortex
a retinal holdup
a shootout


Cinema means pulling a uniform over our eyes, warned
wearing the threads of another man's image –


shoplifting light
light baronial & baryonic
vermicular strike
light analyzed as supine


the consensual nature of image – [the imagistic survival system(to trace the perception of an image over time ... its endurings, its mutations)] – narratives adhering through syphilitic damns, the image intact, integral, swimmingly afloat
Bogart Blooms


:::  how would we decode an image?    deformulate?    if we stopped a frame during a screening, and wired the audience so that each person could recreate that frame as they imagined, how many differing frames/ images would we receive?  what would they look like?  what would they tell us?   :::


to rope the retinal renegades
with their unreeling revealings
reel real feel —> peel the reel
a reeling I will go – heigh ho!
wheeling color chromium nitrate cluster globule counterfeit straw syllogistic fresh pistil pilings schism maw


celluloid seal/ sealant
spooling time's stitchery
successions – image pile-up – integrated <—>the great lob of thickening —>accumulating correspondences —>identity emerges from integrations
          —>integration a function of correspondence =|=
correspondence     alightment     allotment



‡ Edward Muybridge – often called the Father of the motion picture – developed photographic techniques to show sequential movement in order to settle Leland Stanford's $25,000 bet that at some point during a horse's gallop all four hooves are off the ground at once.
*2009 WOOD COIN: You’ve Reely Scored a Movie Issue: Levinson, “from gallop this Bogart”