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Loving Harold Fine




How to note thee, my sweet malcontent, my plucky doper, my two-tone, two-ply madman of that-era cinema? An adoring fan, am I. How am I, here in this now, this sallow shallow digital now, to praise your better? My path too, as incongruous

denizen of not the wider world but of the arts leads into the dark... How outerspace, how obsequious, to deal and dwell in your lair... your uncut hair, your anarchist air...

your shake-brownie glee... your laissez-faire, as you drop out of the green material... care? How to note thee? adored.



--"I love you, Alice B. Toklas" lyrics and music by Harpers Bizarre
*2010 WOOD COIN: To Use or Not to Use Issue: AnnyNymity, “Loving Harold Fine” (and, this was hacked out of the original 2010 poem, circa 2014 or 2015:) starring Peter Sellers, earning and learning while acting as establishment lawyer gone contrary, Harold Fine.