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This magazine offers some mental exercise; contains binary theory (1/0) that extends to the infinite (1000+/0000+), deploys hugs & kisses (x/o) and game strategy (x/o) symbols, or uses chromosomal patterning (xx, xy, xxy, xyy); and by its course endorses lit & art. Wood Coin Magazine proposes there are three sides to every story, a heads or tails or edge chance, to every flip. How does the world heirarchy flip? Send your submissions to editor JKB if inspired.



Flag Football Issue

FFI (11/08)


Help Like Kelp is Issue

HLKI (02/09)


Watch the Star-crack Spread Issue

WSSI (2/09)


The Horny Play Boy Bunny (Jackalope) Gets Some Issue

HPBB (05/09)


Is Art in the Heart or Does Art Lie Apart from the Love Issue

AHDA (05/09)


A Scratch and Dent Sale Issue

SDSI (05/09)


You Have Reely Scored a Movie Issue

YRSM (12/09)


Religion, Spirit, Prophecy/ Issue

RSPI (12/09)


Of Drains and Ladders in this Life Issue

DLLI (01/10)


On Education in "America" as We Plunge Issue

EAWP (02/10)


To Use or Not to Use Issue

TUNU (03/10)


Predators then Pets then Foodstuffs Issue

PPFI (07/10)


Controversy! Blasphemy! Slander! Marriage! Trial! Vow! Habit! Binder! Option! Endgame! Trust! Contest! Issue

CBSM (02/12)


Gender Roles in Equality: An Egalitarian Problem Issue

GREE (02/12)


Already Okay with Little Brother and Big Brother Watching Issue

AOLB (09/12)


Natural Sciences and Supernatural Physics Break Issue

NSSP (09/12)


The Dreamscape Escape Illusion Issue

DEII (08/13)


After the First Examination of Issue Issue

AFEI (08/13)