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This magazine offers some mental exercise; contains binary theory (0/1), deploys game strategy/ kisses & hugs or them against us (o/x), or uses chromosomal patterning (xx, xy); and of course endorses art & lit.



Flag Football Issue

FFI (11/08)Seminal. Pastime to some, a way of life to others, abuse to the rest. Brain damage and trauma fade next to total exclusion from this prep club. For jocks or nerds. Gaming on a point system?


Help Like Kelp is Issue

HLKI (02/09)There are three sides to every story, a heads or tails, or edge chance, to every flip. Know how the world helps itself flip? For recyclers or wasters. To wit, wood coin ascribes to an honor system.


Watch the Star-crack Spread Issue

WSSI (2/09)Concerns the fascination we share with being a spectator to erosion, decay, destruction. Or the progress of a drug. Or the ease with which starlets will drop trou. For watchers or doers. Too many of us get passed over under a system of honorable mention.


The Horny Play Boy Bunny (Jackalope) Gets Some Issue

HPBB (05/09)For those who like teasers, just know this issue, like the others, is unaffiliated with any thing. For spermy guys and ovulating gals. Why ask why buck the system when you can ride?


Is Art in the Heart or Does Art Lie Apart from the Love Issue

AHDA (05/09) Forgive any prétension amassed by this supernoval design. For the artistically inclined or averse. As always, wood coin honors system and anti-system work.


A Scratch and Dent Sale Issue

SDSI (05/09) The PIECES contained herein ARE not damaged; their principals (and possibly principles) are. For anyone scratched/ dented, or those who buy out of their class. SO what if a principles-based SYSTEM is always flawed...?


You've Reely Scored a Movie Issue

YRSM (12/09) Summarizing the entirety of the film industry? At most! At least, these sci-fi and creature-features will encourage a revamping. For movie-buffs or book-heads. Thinking beyond the lens of the system.


Religion, Spirit, Prophecy/ Issue

RSPI (12/09) Touching little truths, rubbing on small facets of spirituality... Athiests too? Any faith is blind, as is an absence of faith. For believers or skeptics. Divine (en)light(ening) reworks the hub of any system.


Of Drains and Ladders in this Life Issue

DLLI (01/10)Memories of games played as a child... Oh, but for the force of gravity! With the age of the double-digit comes exisiting, extremes, existentialism? For sliders or scalers. Staying in motion within the social system is to live.


On Education in "America" as We Plunge Issue

EAWP (02/10)Forget the dismal standardized test scores in this country... we've somehow decided the USA comprises all of America? Yet new ways of knowing might make its citizens xenophobic. For drop-outs or scholars. Learning within the school system is as vital as via other ways.


To Use or Not to Use Issue

TUNU (03/10)Ask the Internet this question and IT responds something like: merge modules, notebooks in class, steroids, a pacifier, outer planets in astrology, salt, aftershaves, consultants, urban space... For abstainers or partyers. Uh, yeah, all chemicals reconfigure the human system.


Predators then Pets then Foodstuffs Issue

PPFI (07/10)Beyond caged livestock and free-range disputes sits the concept of domestication. "Taming" wildlife curbs animal instinct and foils its freedom to create familes and groups with its own species... For the carnivore or the vegan. Untie the collar system?


Controversy! Blasphemy! Slander! Marriage! Trial! Vow! Habit! Binder! Option! Endgame! Trust! Contest! Issue

CBSM (02/12) Separation of church and state? Yet wooing with blanket political correctness will fail when citizens make a fuss. For the single and the partnered. Whether a system is for or against the system, (un)expected situations may arise.


Gender Roles in Equality: An Egalitarian Problem Issue

GREE (02/12) Sorting the biological disparity in our species is an obsession. Yet the patterns XX or XY, or even XXY or XYY, do share similar quirks. For males or females or the rare herms. Whatever your system, it's all set at birth.


Already Okay with Little Brother and Big Brother Watching Issue

AOLB (09/12) Orwell coined the term for government keeping tabs on private citizens with his "1984"; myriad smaller groups spy too. For the spyers and the watched. Is somebody privy to your info-system?


Natural Sciences and Supernatural Physics Break Issue

NSSP (09/12)String theory, parallel universes, quantum mechanics, inner dimensions, etc. are spooky. Ever travel from the concrete world and into the ethereal? For anchors or explorers. Any system that works has to connect the dots.


The Dreamscape Escape Illusion Issue

DEII (08/13)A journey beyond all known logic of the system...


After the First Examination of Issue Issue

AFEI (08/13)System anew?