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Christine Herzer*



do not protect a poem, you will stink

do not throw garbage inside a poem, it will stink

do not leave a poem unattended until love arrives at church level

do not attempt to stop a poem by forcibly feeling love, or nothing, or art

do not keep a poem, it will stink

the poem can strike in your sleep

the poem may want you inside, and you may not want to      how ghost? how rain? how much rent? how do you know? you want inside? how old were you? how old are you? how is enmeshment reprehensible? apples, oranges,

smile at the poem camera, we live in a category of the announced

announce yourself, ie i receive shame, when i eat meat

STOP button should only be used when poempoet is drunk, spitting, sprouting, masturbating, or medicated [if in doubt STOP, stop, stop, really stop please stop]

don't stand in poems, it is not a position, it is a bed, it is a beach, it is god

when poemifying, leave feeling wide open: e  n  l  a  r  g  e,    g  h  o  s  t,    p  e  r  f  u  m  e

you have the right to enter whatever it is you don't want to watch
you have the right to change poems

in case of persisting poems related to control, contact:

spiderman 5, the trust-me police
exhale counselors at the louis vuitton store at the taj mahal hotel in mumbai
organic rose growers
www.stickylovesticks.com, or:
try praying instead of paying
word control, ideal for marriage and other functions. possible to make more than 13,000 bubbles from one tube



*2009 WOOD COIN: A Scratch and Dent Sale Issue: Herzer, “POEMIFICATION”