<religion, spirit, prophecy/ issue>

"The novel at its best is the most moral of the art forms. You are exploring the interstices of human behavior -- which is the first approach to religious experience for many of us."*


Cover art by Brando Williams

<the zealots>

AnnyNymity, "Shades (if nobody)"

James Beach, "Here's to the Day the Muses Rule"

Joe David Bellamy, "See 7 States from Rock City..."

Philip Corner, "Chaos Keyboard"

Hugh Fox, "The Coils of Eternity (part 5)"

Carl Ginsburg, "Rooted Places"

Guy J. Jackson, "Pond"

Lyn Lifshin, "Those Lovers"

Simon Perchik, "**"

Barbara Rosenthal, "God is the Idol of Science"

Jerome Rothenberg, "10+2 (more frames)"





*Norman Mailer, The Spooky Art: Thoughts on Writing (2003)