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(fragments show a trace of lion)

S. J. Fowler*



the chiot fragment writes of a change
swan to owl
owl is the animal
from naucratis, glazed thoth, baboon
aryballos in the form of a hedgehog

they use runes to understand
hermamandros, mikis, zoilos play dice
osino underworld with the child horus
watched by the bronze ichneumon mongoose,
sacred standing rat of the Nile delta

the hieroglyghs spell out 'wahibre'
but I don't know what that means, either
(constant is the heart of Ra)
birth name of apries
ear of the 6th century

and now, I'm told, the sphinx has gender,
the dolphin too
kybele is an anatolian goddess with roots
a baby lion in her lap
am I the hittite lion?



*2010 WOOD COIN: Predators then Pets then Foodstuffs Issue: Fowler, “(fragments show a trace of lion)”