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Heller Levinson*



gladiatorial swipe                      spike crash

                              skull mishmashery

loosing membranous lexicon puddles
I defy 186,000 mps                       shooting through
occasions      sympathies       anniversaries      cocktails      crocktails       abbreviations
& adumbrations            I

the telepathic light delinquent
claim mastery over earth-wich

befouled by Schiaparelli misconstructing my febrile tendons for canali (conoli?)

he'd prosper more from cunnilingi

& Percival Lowell that besotted Brahmin presuming observational capacity furthered in
1965 by Mariner 4 transmitting intelligence rudely defining my multiplex complex perceptual apperceptual apparatus as lunar-like craters (?) a technology ignorant of the solipsistic roof the Berkleyan conundrums the posits sprinkled throughout Merleau Ponty's 'The Phenomenology of Perception'             the
empiricist siphons spirit from the universe smugs superior
a pinball reactivity adrift in
mental adiadochokinesis

perceive what I submit
for centuries I'll let them entertain:
Distance from the earth:
Shortest - 34,600,000 miles
Greatest - 248,000,000 miles
Diameter: 4, 235 miles
Temperature: - 225 to 63 degrees F
Atmosphere: Carbon Dioxide, nitrogen, argon, oxygen, carbon monoxide, neon, krypton, xenon & water vapor
Number of Satellites: 2

Then, for amusement, corrupt that cherished hard won data with:
Atmosphere: elastic distensional amoeba perfume
Diameter: Banana
Distance from the earth: yes
Number of Satellites: at this time it is inexplicable to the authorities 'only two days ago disturbances caused' three new satellites 'ongoing investigation into this peculiar'..

their hubris is unrivalled
in a millisecond I can abort their enterprises
issue cavalcades of mephitic dust storms
shut down their mariner 9 like a deficient
wind-up toy belying years of swim instruction
a cartoon planet predictable as
UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN ignorant of Bergsonian Intuitive Time
they divide my span into
Noachian, Hesperian, & Amazonian
their brains tethered to
HAS EVER DELIVERED SO MUCH I herd them through my Valles Marineris Canyonlands
like dumb laboratory mice
none of the fondness that Jeffers felt toward Hawks,
'I'd sooner, except the penalties,
kill a man than a hawk'

when to boil
when I tire of breakfasting on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
when my stupefaction morphs to unqualified condemnation
while glissading through regurgitative synecdoche discount pulleys
I will derail the earth
utterly erase the species with no more effort than what humans term a
flick of the pinky finger

in the time of a human blink I access all human knowledge --their physics, literatures, arts, mathematics, philosophies, histories, --all
is instantly downloaded &
frankly I am under impressed
it reminds of R.G. Collingwood's assessment of Spengler's DECLINE OF THE WEST:
'His book consist largely of repetitions, and of its 250,000 words it would have been easy to devote 250 to naming predecessors in the field. The fact that he has not done so, makes it incumbent on a critic like the present writer to confirm that not only has the main thesis of Spengler's book been familiar to him all his life, but that the reading of it has not given him a single genuinely new idea; for all the application of the thesis are mechanical exercises.'
mankind hardly footnotes the trilobite
with his presumption with his precious motor cars & digit baubles his cellular satellite smugness & Pentium putrefaction 'why do I bother to concern?' as an amusement trope? as display spectacle? as cretin automata larval cushioning?
even as I lounge in shingled mesmerisms their tonalities fail
to be fair, they were cute billing me as god of vegetables & war, one of their few excursions past single-track bombinations
god of war roar raw core roar pour
raw war saw war saw roar poor core
poor war tore core tore raw war
mythologically blending away duality
a micro-hint of my continuous creationism my
declaration that matter is the clutch of insipidity
flamen Martialis grand jete en tournant on Venus
Albor Tholus pustulating food stamps mars bars Staedtler Mars Lumograph 100 HB lottery reprieves gas menageries mothers day best buy tampon alliteratives
rationality junkets             ambition links            gut fauvisms
synthetic bionucleisms
protobenign viral accommodations
terraformational malaise
root beer

I disassemble into molecular cacophony.
lets back off a bit
consider the big picture
so what that I had to endure Wells 'advanced for his time' integuing Martians delicately moving complex tripod mechanisms churning up black dust while combating with simplistic heat waves
not to mention colliding into the adolescent skin of comet Tempel 1              impact craters'            on the surface while They have ready dermatological recourse when the skins of their teenage sons & daughters pock & blister but
because a smidgeon of mischief arises in me from time to time, &,
yes, with a few close friends we sat around shaking our heads in disbelief at their total imbecility regarding the live tissue of rock their ' '
' '.
there I go again       on the rampage
I intended to leaven
to hammock in the pelvic girdle of Juplidean gravity
nursing on the joys of telepathic travel
de-spleening to glorify those standouts --Ishtar       Socrates       Duns Scotus       Marin de Marais       Chopin       Stanislav Richter       Corot       Dimitri Papadatos       Holderin       Rilke       the Bach Cello Suite #5 in C minor executed by Rostropovich       Sabicas       Clemenceau       Celan       Melville       James Agee       Giacometti       Lionel Model Trains       French Laundry       Clayton Eshleman       John Olson       Britney Spears       Will Alexander       Anthony Seidman      Heller Levinson       Gene Autry       Clarence White       Bill Evans/Jim Hall's UNDERCURRENT a panoply prickling
pregnancies pan-arckic
the flight to the mezzanine mezzo-forte fortuity futures
passable allies skirt bilingual scandals showcase fawn castanets lively and untempered snowshoe the back alleys braird ammunition
&, unseasonably, rumination
to compound convivial vortex annuities
for example
the concept of sexuality with prowess prototypes --Montezuma       Kim Il-Sung       Hugh Hefner       Beverly Hills      penis perplexions inspiring idolatry
a study in amputational bereavement ignorant that
on the planet Pluxor I instructed human-likes in techniques of decelerating electron modification permitting ecstatic ekstasies rapiding from intra-assimilative
imagine floating around in the other, in a pitch of climax, a luxurious meandering, charged, pluralizing across antelope tundras, a continuous season of genital migration
cluster crotches
appositional             o                  ti
f                   ma                         chambers
r                         on

lust libations                   shelling ebony spangles



*2012 WOOD COIN: Natural Sciences and Supernatural Physics Break Issue: Levinson, “Mars”