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Four Mermaids

Heller Levinson*



Finning The Mesmeric Mermaid Wake


She springs from palatial calcareous open-shelled boudoir

wrapped in nacreous rash of nubile mythology

(breeze of prince's robes

mercurial Karsavina

tresses spun from conjugating spirogyra laze ambulant

shift in a reed-sway stream-sinewing hypnotic


miraculously coined

her hips slickened with newly minted scales

        splash raga showers of a gold-spattering sun-crystalling micro-cymbalology


artfully toileted      dagger decorated     mirror approved

a form tucked and marmoreal

flush with flex

quivering in a suppling bloom

as a leather whip coils restlessly upon the wall

she rudders a property

merciless with sting



“Mermaid #2”

Mermaid Like Recalcitrant Thrush

oblong belonging genus barefisted siren song sling branchfinning trance spun

postal clocks leaf the forest

transportation is the song's rebuttal

the horizon in capsize

eggshelling architect's with caprice

what is architecture but the endeavor to formulate form       with

bump as alterior extenuation       as device that falters

& urges        that primitive early zone     the zone eliding time's approval

where fin was capital & crown

slithering through sects of witholding

dispatching black patches

for vision



“Mermaid #3”



mermaid, ...        finning

the suppling mesmeric

liquidity wake

smelling electrically leviathan tails silhouette the shoreline

platters of merriment guise taper-whip

follow Mermaid Tail is to be encouraged

to sink

sweet submergence

something there is that loves a tail

sprite, flippy, ... whim-si-Cal-ity

trawling hirsute bloomfields calibrate

suction sweet zone whorl swirl spiflicated lungy crucifixions

torso pliant, manageable, ... squishy

below, tegular crystal, -- capable, rebuke-Able, launch-Able, Dar-ing, a slapping

slippery seductress


In Frederick Leighton's "The Fisherman and the Syren," the fisherman is hooked. He is morsel, he is tail-tied, gripped by the tender sirloin he will undergo unprepared-for excruciations, ... he will be swallowed ... absorbed.

Hybridity pedals transference. Property interminglements. Disclosures race. The hybrid in its eco-clash, its torsionanl topo-skin, -- rashes — an inexplicable electro-marvel charged with animistic colli(u)sions.   Human & animal in homomorphic concert.


slickly the succubi pool invitations

the road

to slick road urge to glide        splurge with slide ride runners giddy sled merrily merrily chide the chary


she excites

she invites

she slurps

she issues in-sin-u'Ation



“Mermaid #4”

from mermaid this tail


bespook       bedazzling        jewell

ing       jewelled .....

token to epidermis & calligraphy

cartography & pulse       testimonial

terse      lore trove       trophy froth

in the bed of sapience a spear

probing       penetrative




*2009 WOOD COIN: Help Like Kelp Issue: Levinson, “Four Mermaids”