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This magazine offers some mental exercise; contains binary theory (1/0) that extends to the infinite (1000+/0000+), deploys hugs & kisses (x/o) and game strategy (x/o) symbols, or uses chromosomal patterning (xx, xy, xxy, xyy); and by its course endorses lit & art. Wood Coin Magazine proposes there are three sides to every story, a heads or tails or edge chance, to every flip. How does the world heirarchy flip? Send your submissions to editor JKB if inspired.



Gross Under Net Makes Tragicomic Worth Issue

GUNM (01/18)


Cozies Portend an Everyday Mystery Resolution Issue

CPEM (04/18)


Lots of Parties Belong in a Democracy Issue

LPBD (06/18)


Manly Banks and Girly Streams Issue

MBGS (09/18)


The Becoming Uncommon Drama Issue

BUDI (10/18)


Fortune Spoke on the Big Wheel Issue

FSBW (11/18)


Open Makes More Sense than Close(d) Issue

OMMS (01/19)


On the Futility of Everything Counts Issue

OFEC (01/19)


Boot Moot Root Toot Kahootz Issue

BMRT (01/19)


Trip This Fall into a Whole Shabang Issue

TTFW (09/19)


Atom's Adam Bomb Bombs or Adam's Atom Bomb Bombs Issue

AABB (pubdate TBA)


Rebate Bills in my Wallet & on my Desk to Remit Issue

RBWD (pubdate TBA)