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James Beach, "West Wind Watch"

Colin Dodds, "On the Waterfront Between Wars"

Colin James, "Infections of the Inner Ear"

Sissy Pantelis, "On Colin Dodds..."

Dirk van Nouhuys, "In the Realm of Fog and Trees"

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JAMES BEACH's bio is on the [contributors] page. 


COLIN DODDS' bio is in the CPEM issue.


COLIN JAMES has a book of poems, Resisting Probability, from Sagging Meniscus Press. He lives in Massachusetts.


SISSY PANTELIS is a fantasy writer from Greece. Her stories have been published in various magazines and anthologies in English, French, Spanish and Greek. Her 2 graphic novels "Blue Sparkles"and "Red Nightmare" were published by British publisher MARKOSIA. She is currently working on a novel (that she hopes finishing by the end of the year). A collection of her short stories will come out by Hammer & Anvil later this year.


DIRK VAN NOUHUYS' bio is on the [contributors] page.