<on education in 'america' as we plunge issue>

"Even as a child, he imagined leaving Holland -- boarding a ship and simply vanishing. He dreamed of America the way other children dream of running away with the circus."*


Cover art by Milorad Krstic

<the tutors>

AnnyNymity, "Days with Art"

James Beach, "Dead City"

Joe David Bellamy, "Light Years"

Philip Corner, "Beauty is Elementary"

George Economou, "Débat de l'âme et du corps"

S.J. Fowler, "(arming ecomog)"

Edward Harsen, "to Business"

Ruth Lepson, "cape hatteras"

Heller Levinson, "depletives"





*Mark Stevens & Annalyn Swan, de Kooning: An American Master (2004)