<of drains and ladders in this life issue>

"From then on [the marine's] life was made miserable by raging headaches... he was jumpy, apprehensive of possible metallic noises and furious when they occurred... A 'war neurosis' it was, if we accept his doctors' diagnosis... Here we must ask something seemingly far removed from headaches: Why was this man such a good man?"*


Cover art by Brando Williams

<the climbers>

James Beach, "Number Nine"

Philip Corner, "The way Nam June Paik played..."

Hugh Fox, "The Coils of Eternity (part 6)"

Guy J. Jackson, "Faludi's Grief"

Lyn Lifshin, "With One it was Baseball"

Simon Perchik, "***"

Margaret Randall, "Above the Colors..."

John Roche, "A Midnight's Tale"

Barbara Rosenthal, "Jewish Go-Go"

Xeus Zenon, "The Last Post"





*Erik H. Erikson, Childhood and Society (1950, 1963)