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Literary and poetic artists published here in Wood Coin Magazine received zero financial compensation or promises of receiving money for their writing. Most everything was sent in without any contact from Wood Coin; a few of the pieces were solicited. James Beach put his own money into the building and maintenance of woodcoin.net but without the moral support of some arty people he would've failed long ago; surviving 13 years and counting, this fringe-zine or fag-mag beats the odds an is therefore successful in some facets of the publishing and art industries.

AnnyNymity : Elegant, elusive, enigmatic, this poet uses a pseudonym "more obvious than words". Zee please.

Beach, James K. : Once a persistent editor, journalist, poet, novelist, etc. Now a survivor of the old myth about talent and dedication being an asset for a man. Often sighted in palaces or hovels, at parties or rehabs, around various voids or epicenters of culture. Has had two legal changes of name, with a criminal record only on the last. Sought a return to the bourgeois and meltdowns ensued. Published here and elsewhere in the essay, fiction and poetry genres. Into: concerts, galleries, philosophy, politics, sports, theatre, travel... Scoring is a prerequisite? Hear! A registered Sexual Offender for "indecent exposure" in some states; can be unregistered in others per state law of "disorderly conduct" pertaining to any public display of affection in form of a flasher, as depicted in cartoons with hobos in trenchcoats. Contributing fiction writer, as well as the builder creator designer editor publisher. [Bio at pw.org]

Bellamy, Joe David : Lived in Florida. His two latest books are New World Extra and The Lost Saranac Interviews, the latter co-edited with Connie Bellamy. RiP.

Bergé, Carol : Artist-poet, editor, neo-prof, writer. A New Yorker, a day-tripper who in the 1960s complained to Allen Ginsberg about how everybody dropping by was disrupting her writing (his response: Shut Your Door). What more to say? She's archived at universities, in textbooks, online. [photo by Ed Druck] [Editor's Tribute] RiP.

Bloedow, Jerry : For bio, visit AFEI issue. RiP.

Botts, Elena : Grew up in the DC area, lived briefly in Berlin and Johannesburg, and attended college in upstate New York and NYC. She is a artist of many mediums. She has had four poetry books published. Additionally, her visual art has been exhibited in galleries and she has been making sound art. [elenabotts]

Carswell, Clare : An interdisciplinary artist and writer. She is based in Oxford UK.

Chester, Laura : Has published many volumes of poetry, prose and non-fiction, including Rancho Weirdo, a collection of short stories, and two YA novels, Hiding Glory and Marvel the Marvelous. Having grown up in Wisconsin, lived in Albuquerque, Paris, and Berkeley, she now travels between Patagonia, Arizona and the Berkshires of Massachusetts.

Collins, Roger : Professor emeritus of education at the University of Cincinnati where he received the university's Cohen Excellence Award in teaching. In addition to his academic publications, his short stories have appeared in Obsidian III, The Pegasus Review, Words of Wisdom, Writers Post Journal, and The Xavier Review. His one-minute, ten-minute, one-act, and two-act stage plays have been produced in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio, and in Brooklyn, NY.

Congdon, Kirby : The author of numerous collections of poetry, prose poetry, letters & plays. He has been the poetry editor for the literary magazine, CAYO, & is a regular contributor to THE SMALL PRESS REVIEW and THE KEY WEST CITIZEN. Congdon is also active in the areas of the short story, essays, sculpted constructions, & music composition... Forthcoming: letters from World War II, an autobiography & the collected poems. He divides his time between Key West & Fire Island Pines.

Corner, Philip : In addition to his work as a poet, composer and musician, he has created numerous collages, drawings, and paintings, many of which have been exhibited internationally and which have occasionally appeared under his Korean pseudonym Gwan Pok, meaning "Contemplating Waterfall". Works are regularly exhibited in galleries, and are in notable museum collections. His principle gallery is UnimediaModern in Genova, whose director Caterina Gualco maintains a large collection. His complete musical scores and some other writings are available at [frogpeak.org].

Dart, Robert : Lives in Los Angeles with his wife. Aside from writing stories, Dart engages in the sporadic practice of law. He enjoys sunsets and long walks on the beach. Publishing credits include Euphony, Whim Quarterly, Danse Macabre, and Prime Number Magazine.

Dawkins, Janann : Her work has appeared in publications such as decomP, Existere, Mezzo Cammin, Phoebe & Two Review, among others. Leadfoot Press published her chapbook Micropleasure in 2008. A graduate of Grinnell College with a B.A. in American Studies & twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize, she resides in Ann Arbor, MI.

Dodds, Colin : For bio, visit CPEM issue.

Doreski, William : Teaches at Keene State College in New Hampshire. He has published three critical studies, including Robert Lowell's Shifting Colors. His essays, poetry, fiction, and reviews have appeared in Massachusetts Review, Atlanta Review, Notre Dame Review, The Alembic, New England Quarterly, Worcester Review, Harvard Review, Modern Philology, Antioch Review, and Natural Bridge. He won the 2010 Aesthetica poetry award.

Economou, George : Author of Ananios of Kleitor (Shearsman), Half an Hour, translations of Cavafy (Stop), Acts of Love (Random House), and more. A Rockefeller Fellow at Bellagio, twice-named NEA Fellow in Poetry, he taught at Wagner College, Long Island University, Hunter College, Columbia, and the University of Oklahoma. He has given readings and lectures at Harvard, Princeton, Penn State, Colgate, Texas A & M, Columbia, Stanford, the American College of Paris, King's College of London, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Fowler, S. J. : Works for the British Museum, is archivist for Peter Owen publishers, and conducts poetry journalism with a speciality in Slavic, Balkan and Scandinavian poets. He has published in Poetry Monthly International, Cadaverine, Nthposition, 3am, Vice, Moria, Pomegranate, Monkey Kettle, Parameter, plus 50 others. Interested in the nouveau roman movement and phenomenological poetry, he is focused on creating phonetic poetry that is led by etymological excavations and aural confusion and suspicion in the reader/ listener. As such the work of Paul Celan, Tadeusz Rosewicz, W.S. Graham and Gunnar Ekelof is especially important to him.

Fox, Hugh : "For decades I was immersed in the novels of Henry James, Evelyn Wugh, Aldous Huxley and the like, although I even wrote the first critical study of Charles Bukowski and was influenced by his super-realistic style. Since I was a child I have been totally immersed in the arts. Polio and then cured, and then shoved into opera, violin, piano, musical composition, drawing, painting, ceramics, a library of classics. I married a Peruvian, turned into an archaeologist and immersed myself in Pre-History. So there's always the big Overview in my work, man on planet earth, everything that exists the way it is impossible, but still there, so we live in an ambience of total wonder/impossibility." RiP.

Fraher, Bonnie R. : An educator who spent most of her career teaching students with autism. She's the author of a post-apocalyptic novel, Chilled to the Bone, as well as several shorter works of fiction.

Ginsburg, Carl : Has taught and directed professional training groups for people interested in becoming Feldenkrais Practitioners since 1986. He loved supporting people in learning and since the late 1960s has sought alternatives to the schooling that we all commonly receive. While his choice to study with Moshe Feldenkrais was a practical way to improve his own chronic back pain, he also intuited that Feldenkrais understood learning and the mind-body complex in more depth than any other teaching he had explored in his life. RiP.

Halsted, Charles : A retired academic physician at the University of California Davis. His poems have appeared or will appear in Blood and Bourbon, Blood and Thunder, Clerestory, Contemporary Poetry, Degenerates, The Gambler, The Ghazal Page, Haibun Today, Contemporary Haibun Online, Hektoin International, Poetry Now, Sisyphus, Snapdragon, Tule Review, Words Apart, and Yolo Crow. One of his poems was among the winners in the 2017 Maria W Faust Sonnet Contest of the Great River Shakespeare Festival.

Harsen, Edward : Spent fifteen years in the printing trade, during which time he worked for Street Magazine and Street Press. He also developed a hazard communication program for an envelope manufacturer in New York. Since 2001, he has been researching business relationship methods, supply chain management and absolute competitiveness. Edward's poetry has been published by Long Island Press, Oak City and Street Press. He has also written several white papers on contract management. He lives in Valatie, NY, with his wife Jeanine and two children, Johnathan and Sebastian.

Herzer, Christine : Divides her time between India and Paris. "I paint inside out; I write outside in. My poems stage locations for private, public and global intensities to happen in... The acts of leaving, leaping, effacing, stealing, overlapping, protecting, transgressing, displacing, recycling, and veiling... I desire language. I make mouth stamps." Her poems have appeared in Upstairs at Duroc, Louis Liard Magazine, Fogged Clarity, Open Letters, The New York Quarterly and FENCE. In 2008 she was invited to read her poetry for the literary journal Upstairs at Duroc, the Ivy Writers Reading Series in Paris, and Re-Loquations, Talking Poetry in Mumbai.

Hidalgo, T. S. : (45) holds a BBA (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid), a MBA (IE Business School), a MA in Creative Writing (Hotel Kafka) and a Certificate in Management and the Arts (New York University). His works have been published in magazines in the USA, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Turkey, Ireland, Portugal, Romania, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, India, Singapore and Australia.

Jackson, Guy J. : Can be found at [myspace] and [youtube].

James, Colin : For bio, visit FSBW issue.

Kostelanetz, Richard : For bio, see DEII issue.

Kutz, Kyle : For bio, see BUDI issue.

Lepson, Ruth : Poet-in-residence at the New England Conservatory. You can hear musical settings of some of her poems in her most recent book, ask anyone (Pressed Wafer) on her website, [ruthlepson.com]. Her other books are Dreaming in Color (Alice James), Morphology, and I Went Looking for You (both from blazeVOX). She edited poetry from Sojourner: A Feminist Anthology (Illinois). Ask Anyone won the Philip Whalen Award from Chax Press.

Levinson, Heller : Published in over a hundred journals and magazines including Sulfur, Hunger, Talisman, First Intensity, Laurel Review, The Wandering Hermit, Ampersand, etc. His book SMELLING MARY was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and the Griffin Prize.

Lifshin, Lyn : Has published more than 120 books of poetry and edited 4 anthologies including TANGLED VINES, ARIADNE'S THREAD and LIPS UNSEALED. Her poems have appeared in most literary and poetry magazines and she is the subject of an award-winning documentary film, LYN LIFSHIN: NOT MADE OF GLASS. For interviews, photographs, bio, reviews, interviews, prose, samples of work and more, visit [lynlifshin.com].

Lima, Robert : A prize-winning poet, critic, bibliographer, playwright and translator. His poems have appeared throughout the U.S. and abroad in periodicals, anthologies, broadsides and in his poetry collections Fathoms (1981), The Olde Ground (1985), Mayaland (1992), Sardinia / Sardegna (2000), Tracking the Minotaur (2003), The Pointing Bone (2008), The Rites of Stone (2010), Self (2012), Por caminos errantes (2014), CELESTIALS (2015), Cancioneria Cubana (2017), and Ikons of the Past. Poetry of the Hispanic Americas (2018). His poetry in English and Spanish has been recorded for the Library of Congress Hispanic Division Archives.

Macek, J. T. : A writer and professor living in rural Michigan.

Mahoney, Donal : Has had poems published in print and online publications, including The Wisconsin Review, The Kansas Quarterly, The South Carolina Review, The Beloit Poetry Journal, Commonweal, Public Republic (Bulgaria), Revival (Ireland), The Istanbul Literary Review (Turkey), Calliope Nerve, Rusty Truck and Asphodel Madness.

Masterson, Robert : An award-winning writer, editor and teacher whose creative work has appeared in Blue Mesa Review, Tierra, Tyounyi, The Temple, Bombay Gin. He received the first Ted Berrigan Scholarship from the Naropa Institute in 1993 and has been a featured workshop leader during the Taos Poetry Festival/ World Heavyweight Poetry Bout. Masterson holds both a BA and an MA in English Literature from University of New Mexico; an MFA from Naropa's Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics; and a weird academic certificate from Shaanxi Normal University in the People's Republic of China.

Meirose, Jim : Has published several novels, including the upcoming "Understanding Franklin Thompson" (JEF pubs) and "Sunday Dinner with Father Dwyer" (Optional Books).[jimmeirose.com]

Moqueet, Mutahira : For bio, visit GUNM issue.

Mulrooney, Christopher : Has poems in Rune, Vanitas, The Broadkill Review, Moloch, The Delinquent, and Nebula. RiP.

Mycue, Edward : "Between past and future is now, no hands in the stone although breath has many doors to mix retrospect with apprehension, maybe told, forgotten, lost, found this morning." His place in the book world culminated with MINDWALKING (Philos).

Neuda, M. C. : For bio, visit CPEM issue.

Newell, Mary : Lives in the lower Hudson Valley. She has taught literature and writing at the college level. Her poems were published in Spoon River Poetry Review, Hopper Literary Magazine, Earth's Daughters, Chronogram, Written River, About Place, etc. She has also written essays and reviews, including the essay "Shades of Melancholy" in Melancholia: Hinge as Innominate Limina, by Will Alexander, Heller Levinson, and Mary Newell.

O'Dell, A. C. : A writer and flash poet living in Virginia. She received her B.F.A. from Mars Hill University and her M.F.A. from Regent University. She has two chapbooks, Woman These Are Yours and Slightly Bitter, and has published two zines with watercolor artist Marni Manning: Americana Culture and Inkwell-o-ween. Her piece "The ordinary-ness" was recently published in Blakelight Literary Magazine and four of her selections ran in the winter edition of The Writing Disorder. One of A.C.'s favorite things to do is run her pop-up poetry booth, where she composes extemporaneous pieces for clients as performance art. It is one of the most beautiful and challenging projects she has ever worked on.

Oseguera, Jose : An LA-based writer of poetry, short fiction and literary nonfiction. Having grown up in a diverse urban environment, Jose has always been interested in the people and places around him, and the stories that each of these has to share; those that often go untold. His work has been featured in Meat for Tea: The Valley Review, Rigorous, Sky Island Journal, Jelly Bucket, OTHER. Magazine, TOE GOOD, The Scene & Heard Journal, Zimbell House Publishing, and Authorship by The National Writers Association.

Owens, Rochelle : A central figure in the international avant-garde for over thirty-five years, she is the author of four collections of plays: Futz and What Came After, The Karl Marx Play and Others, Who Do You Want Peire Vidal? and Plays by Rochelle Owens. A recipient of five Village Voice Obie awards and honors from the New York Drama Critics Circle, she has held fellowships from the NEA, Ford, Guggenheim, Rockefeller (Bellagio), and other foundations. She has taught, lectured and read widely in the United States and Europe.

Pantelis, Sissy : For bio, visit FSBW issue.

Paris, Matthew : For bio, visit DEII issue.

Perchik, Simon : An attorney whose poems have appeared in Partisan Review, The New Yorker and elsewhere. For more information, including his essay "Magic, Illusion and Other Realities," and a complete bibliography, please visit [simonperchik.com].

Plumb, David : His work appears in The Washington Post, The Miami Herald, The Orlando Sentinel; Beyond the Pleasure Dome, University of Sheffield, UK; Homeless Not Helpless Anthology; and St. Martin's anthology, Monde James Dean. He has worked as a paramedic, a cab driver, a cook and tour guide. A long time San Francisco writer, he now lives in South Florida. Will Rogers said, "Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip." Plumb says, "It depends on the parrot."

Randall, Margaret : Has four children and ten grandchildren, and lives with Barbara Byers, her partner of 23 years. She was born in New York City, lived for a quarter century in Latin America (Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua) where she founded and edited the bilingual literary journal EL CORNO EMPLUMADO/ THE PLUMED HORN. Of her more than 100 published books, some recent titles are WHEN I LOOK INTO THE MIRROR AND SEE YOU (Rutgers), NARRATIVE OF POWER (Common Courage), STONES WITNESS (University of Arizona), TO CHANGE THE WORLD (Rutgers), THEIR BACKS TO THE SEA (Wings). [margaretrandall.org]

Roche, John : An Associate Professor in the English department at Rochester Institute of Technology, he teaches creative writing courses, advises the campus literary magazine, Signatures, and has organized visits by poets Robert Creeley, Ed Sanders, Clayton Eshleman, Margaret Atwood, John Sinclair. He has published poems in Rootdrinker, Lake Affect, House Organ, Yellow Medicine Review, The Woodstock Journal, intent, Buff, Interim, Midwest Miscellany, The Other Herald, Use These Words, Pinnacle Hill Review, Le Mot Juste, Coe Review, and Burning World, as well as in the anthologies Knocking on the Silence and Listening to Water.

Rosenthal, Barbara : Born in New York, she is an artist and writer who has taught photography at Parsons School of Design and writing at the City University of NY. She has published four books of photography and journal-text (Clues to Myself, Sensations, Homo Futurus, and Soul & Psyche) which, along with twenty other works, are in the collections of MoMA and The Whitney. She currently writes art criticism for NYArts magazine. [emedialoft.org]

Sinclair, Sasha : "Have a wonderful day."

Soriano, Felino A. : For bio, visit AFEI issue. RiP.

smith, Michael t. : Assistant Professor of the Polytechnic Institute at Purdue University, where he received his PhD in English. He teaches cross-disciplinary courses that blend humanities with other areas. He has published over 50 poems in over 20 different journals (mostly within the past year). He also has critical work published in Symbolism and Cinematic. He loves to travel.

Stevens, Geoff : In the 1970's, inspired by local versifiers, and then by reading Dylan Thomas, he began to write poetry and to submit it to magazines. He also began a long interest in reading poetry in public. 1976 saw the inception of his own magazine, Purple Patch. He was a founder member of Spouting Forth poetry performance in the 1990's and, with Brendan Hawthorne, started the Poetry Wednesbury group of poets in 2002. [geoffstevens.co.uk] RiP.

Terrill, Mark : Shipped out of San Francisco as a merchant seaman to the Far East and beyond, studied and spent time with Paul Bowles in Tangier, Morocco, and has lived in Germany since 1984, where he's been scraping by as shipyard welder, road manager for rock bands, cook, postal worker and poet. Books include Superabundance (Longhouse), Something Red (Plan B), Bread & Fish (The Figures), and translations of Rolf Dieter Brinkmann: Like a Pilot (Sulphur River). He is a regular contributor to Rain Taxi Review of Books and was guest-editor for a special German Poetry issue of the Atlanta Review.

van Nouhuys, Dirk : "I write short stories, some experimental forms, and occasionally verse, but I think of myself mostly as a novelist, and have written four novels. Two have been serialized in a small literary magazine and several excerpts from them have appeared separately. 50 items of fiction and a few poems have appeared in literary or general magazines. I occasionally publish photography. I have also published technical reports and popular articles about networking and application of computers to text processing. I published a book on Macintosh applications with Wiley in 1985." [wandd.com]

Vega, Janine Pommy : For bio, visit AFEI issue. RiP.

Vilhotti, Jerry : For bio, visit GUNM issue.

Weishaus, Joel : Was born in New York. His translation of the Ch'an Buddhist Oxherding: A Reworking of the Zen Text, with Block Prints by Arthur Okamura, was published by the Cranium Press. After moving to Santa Fe, he wrote the Introduction to Thomas Merton's Woods, Shore, Desert (Museum of New Mexico). He then became an adjunct curator at the University's Fine Arts Museum, Albuquerque, and a Writer-in-Residence at UNM's Center for Southwest Research. He has published over forty essays and book reviews. Weishaus presently lives in Portland, Oregon, where he works on Digital Literary Art projects.

XeusZenon : After e-translating MarkyMark & theFunkyBunch lyrics into Chinese then back to English, this artist discovered his poetic method. He also discovered heroin, which (allegedly) took his life. Prior to that, XeusZenon had said that an overdose was impossible, since "anyone who knows what they're doing won't O.D..." Dead at 25 or 26 (just shy of the "27 club"), "Derek" had only a few music college peers, a short pairing with the editor here, plus the sort of odd connections anyone who drifts cities will find. Thought highly of Bukowski, Burroughs, Yeats. RiP.

Young, Karl : "The inherent intelligence of language may always remain a mystery. Virtually any sincere writer will tell you that in many situations the language itself contributes significantly to the act of writing." [home page]

Yuan, Changming : For bio, visit GUNM.


Wood Coin's serialized [play by Mutahira Moqueet]

Wood Coin's serialized [novella by Hugh Fox]

Wood Coin's serialized [novel by James Beach]

The artists, poets, writers in this magazine mostly found the site and submitted; a handful of pieces were solicited, sans compensation.*

*Stories by Carol Bergé printed with permission from the Estate. Poem by Jerry Bloedow submitted by a survivor.

Apology to Wood Coin's Accepted then Rejected Submitters.

Empathy to Wood Coin's Deleted Cover Art and other deleted visual art Submitters (to be (eventually) listed on the History page).

Sympathy to Wood Coin's Disgruntled Contributors (including those who kept silent); editors either receive zero credit or a lambasting for editing a writer's "genius" or "intent". As publisher that goes double.

Notoriety to Wood Coin's Dead Poets: beginning with Carol Bergé, continuing with those who followed, too many already.