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Publisher: James =K= Beach
E-mail: [inquiries @ woodcoin]

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Although the first set of 18 issues (TAILS) was completed in 2013, another set of 18 issues (HEADS) debuted in January 2018. THE EDGE of the coin debuted in December 2018.

Feel free to contact [submissions @ woodcoin] with short prose or poetry art for a free analysis and consideration for publication in Wood Coin.

For Heads submissions, send up to 20 pages in a Word doc. (Tails submissions closed in 2013). Will consider longer work to be serialized. Please include a brief bio.

Submissions for the Edge of the coin are organized as intended for agents and publishers. Each needs to include a generic query letter, a summary or synopsis or nonfiction book proposal, and a sample of the completed manuscript of up to 50 pages. Also include a brief bio.