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James Beach, "Of Evident Interest"

Colin Dodds, "The Phony Eschaton"

Kyle Kutz, "Last Call at O'Reilly's"

Mutahira Moqueet, "The Walkover (Act Five)"


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JAMES BEACH's bio is on the [contributors] page. 


COLIN DODDS's bio is in the CPEM issue.


Kyle Kutz is a semi-recent graduate of Kutztown University, earning his B.A. in professional writing. His work has appeared in Expressions, Essence, Shoofly, Draft, The Jet Press, Better Than Starbucks!, Not Your Mother's Breast Milk, Gumption, WORK, and Aberration Labyrinth. He resides in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, writing freelance for LNP and marketing for Woven Spectrums, a local boutique.


MUTAHIRA MOQUEET's bio is in the GUNM issue.