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Wood Coin Magazine: Art & Lit 2008-2021...

Images on Welcoming pages (c) 1981 Joe Ruggiero, Found Objects pictures-of-objects book, as found and permanently borrowed by me from the Santa Fe NM library summer 2008.

Rights revert to the writer or artist upon publication.

ISSN: 1946-4320.

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For those of you eager to delve in, here are links to the three sides of this coin:

TAILS (2008-2013)

HEADS (2018-2019)

EDGE (2018)


This word-puzzle has literary and figurative edges. To put it together please roam the site and consider the measure and pith of each piece. Inspired by the concept of a wooden nickle, Wood Coin Magazine aspires to call attention to its many contributors. As a neo-beatnik using a "shoot the moon" stragegy I learned by playing Hearts (card game) growing up, this fringe-zine has its quirks.

Getting "lost" while reading is a pleasure sometimes; when flummoxed try using the "back" button on your browser. A note on the PDFs: To avoid malware (however embedded) on any PDF anywhere, you might want to adjust your browser settings to open, rather than download, documents. Or simply verify that your PDF reader is updated if you believe common software to be a step ahead of hackers and therefore trustworthy.

Also important to consider while reading this venue are possibilities of multiple meanings and interpretations of terms, to include multi-tiered usages of words; "coin" for example is a noun or a verb or an adjective, while "wood" stands for tree-product or small-forest or, eupemistically, a hard-on, and phonetically it is heard as "would"... And add in the reinterpretation of words such as "co-in (as in COINTELPRO, the Jane Fonda and CIA fiasco of the 1970s)". Lest anyone forget, the Olde English term for "crazy" was "wood," yet prison or gang slang turns "wood" into "white"... The depth of language, innundo, colloquialisms, double-entendre, pun, allegory, command or joke, etc.!

Here I will note that my 36 twisty issue titles are built for mind-teasing. But everything in this magazine can easily be looked at as wholly on the surface and consistently correct regarding English grammar, excepting variation per writer's style, to include "sic (spelling is correct)" intentional innovations or flips in the spellings of words, or new spins on interpretations of old words, and a consistent symbol-use and syntax per writers' particular styles. Wood Coin is uniform regarding its house-style guidelines.

For bios of artists, poets, writers included in Wood Coin, see the [contributors] list.

Visit the contact page for instruction on how to [submit] prose, verse, visual art to Wood Coin.

James Kevin Beach

Because of my peripatetic nature, Wood Coin was put online in several areas in the United States...

Issues FFI (11/09) - WSSI (02/09): Santa Fe, NM.
Issues HPBB (05/09) - SDSI (05/09): Albuquerque, NM.
Issues YRSM (12/09) - TUNU (03/10): Santa Fe, NM.
Issue PPFI (07/10): Albuquerque, NM.
Issues CBSM (02/12) - NSSP (09/12): Minneapolis, MN.
Issues DEII (08/13) - AFEI (08/13): St Petersburg, FL.
Issues GUNM (01/18) - TTFW (09/19): Providence, RI.

"Original and quality magazine.
Heavy on quirk."*

*review quote: Cartwheels Collective, 2009

Current mailing address: Wood Coin Magazine, Mr James Beach publisher, [new address forthcoming].

Site was reconstituted (re-upped) 2013, 2019, 2020, 2021. The 10 cover images used on all 28 issues 2008-2019 are hereby deleted, as are the background photobin images, to be replaced at a later date. Please visit Wood Coin's [history] for more info on what this magazine was, is and will be in the future... Wood Coin Magazine is free to all and ad-free as well, as it's been since its inception in 2008.