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Mermaid #5

Heller Levinson*





mermaid, ... delicious

chrolophyll                 gardenias                brackish the bunt


Xenophon says of the horse, "And

in his frame , the first things which I say you ought to look at are the feet."

And of the mermaid it is said,

and in her form, it is the tail that sickles & quickens.


comet's tail                   dentrite                   kite

tail not indenturement but torque

mermaid, the form that whisks you away

that subterraneans

that issues deep down dark unders

that floats you in a clutch of surreptition

bellying violoncello shipload succumbs

respiratorial hazards

arguments encounter plum merchants reconnoitering spirogyra rum opulence

argonautic jubilee splash

mint ragas

requisition forms rise from the groin of the sea

a brace to





*2009 WOOD COIN: Watch the Star-crack Spread Issue: Levinson, “Mermaid #5”