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"The trouble with you, Robert, is that you make the visible world too easy to see."*


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AnnyNymity, "Loving Harold Fine"**

James Beach, "Kindness Kills"

Joe David Bellamy, "Litany of the Dead Writers..."

Carol Bergé, "Trajectory"

Hugh Fox, "How?"

Heller Levinson, "ISM ISMS"

Lyn Lifshin, "Montmartre"

David Plumb, "The Zuni Motel"





*attrib. to Wallace Stevens, after Frost allegedly complained about the obscurity of Stevens' poetry

**This footnoted segment was hacked out of AnnyNymity's original 2010 poem, circa 2014 or 2015 (but is still visible on the original PDF, which is accessible under the poem's html-page byline link): "I love you, Alice B. Toklas." --Peter Sellers, earning and learning while acting as establishment lawyer gone contrary, Harold Fine (lyrics and music credited to Harpers Bizarre). Another fact: the D. in the poem refers to Damien Hirst, wealthy influential visual artist who brought us such masterpieces as "LSD" and "Crystal Skull".