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Chaos Keyboard

Philip Corner*



Chaos Keyboard     (on anything like
A piano or toypiano, harpsichord or clavichord, organ or harmonium, marimba; xylophone; glockenspiel, or zither  cimbalom....even harp.... carillon. And the like.

All the notes to be played one after the other

As fast as possible* in the most unpatterned order possible

*this may incur some simultaneities, overlaps sounding like chords because of the speed. ----then increase it!

Can be either a virtuoso performance.                     

     (In which case the score --maybe- projected at the same time      ;

Or an installation.     The score (or scores : i.e. different solutions)

Put on the music rack, a reading stand or appropriate and effective display;

Note-sequences could be solved by computer
     as well as intuitively.

The keyboard might be marked with the numbers
     of a worked-out passage
       or by numbered weights to hold down keys---
the act of placing them being the performance
when all these notes pile up taking them away will reverse the progression

(a recollected idea in 2009)  .    Philip Corner

Chaos (Keyboard or otherthing)Systematized

Let this go on&on repeating the process in ever infinite vary-actions     And to play the game well a process in the randomness which hides a formula so dense no analysis could pick it out with-out the code     Generating automatic results however unpredictable to sensual perceiving________________

Aside from the note sequence itself

the Rhythms too will be subject to the Law of infinite variety......: There should be a large number of durations (probably less then the totality of tones)      Which will also be sequenced most improbably

also for Timbre the largest number of perceivable spectrum-differences should be subject to this randomizing.    ofcourse for the live player there will be fewer possibilities than the possibilities of electronics)

Dynamics     for instruments capable of the changes)     as many graduated levels as might be practically controlled     Treated the same way as an independent variable     But static levels     (for the instruments capable of it)     can be increased by patterns of evolution

If the means permit     (as with a keyboard, or orchestrated ensemble)     have chordal density---intervals, chords, clusters share in this process       (obviously requiring the longest cycle) .

Philip Corner --2009



*2009 WOOD COIN: Religion, Spirit, Prophecy/ Issue: Corner, “Chaos Keyboard”