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See 7 States from Rock City Atop Beautiful Lookout Mountain

Joe David Bellamy*



The first state is discovery
At first you don't notice it
behind the blue clouds and
the windmills and the fields
Then it jumps sharply into focus
with its mountain ranges and its
lush waterfalls and towns

The second state is readjustment
a narrow strip of plowed ground
littered with broken clock faces
old dolls     rusted bedsprings
and unread library books

The third state is anticipation
It is shaped like a pig's back
And at the curve of its neck
is a crystalline lake

The fourth state is desire
a garden miles across
acres of cabbages and beans
cucumbers of truly monstrous proportion
succulent fruit and stalk     swamp
and rainforest     rhubarb and pomegranate

The fifth state is renunciation
The earth there is covered
with ashes and ruined trees
like Dien Bien Phu
Its skies are raw and merciless
and nothing will grow there

The sixth state is absence
It has a surface like I-95 and
moves across the land
like a grey sickness

The seventh state is memory
a gigantic city surrounded by rivers
its bridges and arteries
bustling with traffic

Now that I've seen the 7 states
I would like to stay at Lookout Mountain
and see the rest of Rock City
Meet me at Lovers' Leap and
we'll finish the tour together



*2009 WOOD COIN: Religion, Spirit, Prophecy/ Issue: Bellamy, “See 7 States from Rock City Atop Beautiful Lookout Mountain”