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Four Violations

Barbara Rosenthal*



THE first time she was violated, little boys from the neighborhood lined the crack of her ass with twigs. Her mother cleaned her out but didn’t get angry. Not being punished made her very uneasy.

The second time she was violated her mother was at work, so she could run home to an empty house from the man who locked her inside the front seat and lay on top of her and pretended to need her help fixing some hard-to-reach place under the dashboard but really was rubbing himself against her. From underneath him she saw Retarded Joanie ride by on training wheels and she thought of Joanie’s peanut butter mouth and knew it wouldn’t help to call for help.

The third time she was already 16 and doing a little too much flirting. She liked the balding young man who played tennis, and they took a drive in the country. She liked it when he kissed her. She pretended she’d go further but she never pretended she’d go all the way, and refused. He put a rubber on, awkwardly. His car had itchy gray upholstery and still she refused. “Turn over,” he said. (She didn’t understand.) “Let’s have your ass,” he said. (She’d never heard of such a thing.) He began to roll down the window and roll off the rubber. “Oh no, don’t,” she said. “You can’t get pregnant this way, little fool!” They looked at each other and realized their bargain. The rubber stayed on as he entered her high gasping pain.

The fourth time was on a rainy night in Rome. The pensionier collected both their passports and made Enrico take two rooms. She and Enrico were drunk and she was only too glad to get laid. But Enrico began to get pushy. Enrico wanted everything too fast. Enrico tore her dress and tore her stockings. He pushed her down; he bruised her elbow. It was very damp and cold. Enrico bit at her. There was no pleasure, only claminess. She pushed him away and he threw himself down on her and shoved himself inside her faster, faster, faster, pulling on her shoulders for leverage, pulling on her hips. “Have you had it yet, baby? Have you had it?” She faked an orgasm but stayed until morning.



*2009 WOOD COIN: The Horny Play Boy Bunny (Jackalope) Gets Some Issue: Rosenthal, “Four Violations”