WOOD COIN heads issues


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This magazine offers some mental exercise; contains binary theory (1/0), deploys game strategy/ hugs & kisses or us against them (x/o), or uses chromosomal patterning (xy, xx); and by its course endorses lit & art.



Gross Under Net Makes Tragicomic Worth Issue

GUNM (01/18) Preview.


Cozies Portend an Everyday Mystery Resolution Issue

CPEM (04/18) Preview.


Lots of Parties Belong in a Democracy Issue

LPBD (06/18) Preview.


Manly Banks and Girly Streams Issue

MBGS (09/18) Preview.


The Becoming Uncommon Drama Issue

BUDI (10/18) Preview.


Fortune Spoke on the Big Wheel Issue

FSBW (11/18) Preview.


Open Makes More Sense than Close(d) Issue

OMMS (01/19)


On the Futility of Everything Counts Issue

OFEC (01/19)


Boot Moot Root Toot Kahootz Issue

BMRT (01/19)


Trip This Fall into a Whole Shabang Issue

TTFW (09/19)