<ffi toc>





Are you bored?

Write a poem.f

Or read a poem

Here''re a oem

(Is he dumb)


Knit pieces of time

Boredom exist anywhere

Take prison for instance

(PLease!)(Is tasteless!)


Is it self-made?

Or curable through will?

The remote's there

There's a humanuman

Food, mediitation

Being the coy you are



Osmosis- ebbs mo stones

We oxen knew crews (Ugh!)

Loaned sails berthed

Helm sol o soothscooth

Swap sharp cities to the

Phenybarbital cat (typo)

Barnowl-swivelling hoards

Zoom fallopian to

(Can't put the rat)

Typewrite pantsless void

Mand(ala)ibled fortune

Crazy motives in f sharp


Sliding into magma dumb

Calving turd(pretty pleases

After delivery mass ocean

Rapids eddy sly lagless

Hum erosion spoonful

Flee mittenless bitten arm

(Is feckless?)

Rinds that

You chew occur, actually

Parried carvel norad

Warshippers tickertaped

Hung in licked to death



*2008 WOOD COIN: Flag Football Issue: XeusZenon, “Bored?”