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The Pull

Carol Berge*



Everyone going whispering the secrets: this is how I solved it, this is the way; this way, the way, The Way, the only, the one. Oh, I go to this marvelous dentist, let me recommend you to my lawyer who. I have this great chiropractor. This guru who. This book that. Clothes I wore in order to. How I found God thru. How I. Who I. How you too could.

In the midst of life looking in either direction, comments, advising, shapes. How it could be smoother. It’s not always the case, but. Might not work the same as it did for me, but. My Aunt tells me. Ella upstairs says. The kids said just last night that. Uncle Charles responds to. My father always said. If I were you I would definitely. We always find. If I were there I could. Now in our family we. The way it turned out when we tried it, it. Sam says. Mabel said. When George.

When we were there, we stayed at. We just found the cutest. If you just. You keep going till you reach the. I can never remember the name, but it’s just before the. I haven’t been there myself, but Joe says. Well, now. It’s a matter of taste, of course, but. I heard it isn’t the same this year, but. Last time I was there, it.

To make it softer. To make it harder. To make it all easier. Better. To help heal it. That idea that flour that herb that poultice that receipt that brew. They will love you for it always if you. The fever’ll drop right away if. The kids’ll. Old man’ll. You’ll.

It’ll spoil if you don’t. It’ll keep if you. It won’t slip, it’ll come out, look cleaner last longer be just the same as brighter than softer than. Seems to me I remember. If you’d just try. This way. If you pin it. If you work it this way you don’t even have to. When you hold it with your. It will.

I don’t mean to hurt your feelings but. You ought to know by now that. Maybe you think we hadn’t noticed but. Maybe if you did it like we do over here. We’ve found thru years of. They say the way you do it doesn’t quite. But maybe if you. Surely if you. We.

Funny thing you mentioned it but. Them folks used to live here said that. It isn’t to our taste but. It’s longer this way but it’s faster than. First left after the light till you. A right then a left then. If you try it in this position. Goes in easier if. Smoother less trouble less complicated than when you. Slides better fits better matches works blends in moves grooves; can do.

In the midst of life, looking up toward the elder trees, down toward the saplings. Out of the mouths of. Old saws no teeth. Respect your opinion on most things but in this case. When you’ve lived as long as me you’ll. When I was your age we. In my day we had it different from. It was, it used to be, I remember when. By my definition. On my terms. On my word. Worked for us, it’s good enuf for. You ought. Should. Supposed. You better.

In your position, I’d. Given the same facts. Considering everything. I’d never dare. I’d dare to, if. This way thru. This way into. The heart is the way to. The brain usually. The best type for that is. The thumb tells you if. Handsome men are always the. If you marry an ugly woman she’ll. I’ve found that the mature man. I heard that boys under fourteen. Blond girls always do. Girls under twelve have. Women under men is.

With music with lights with no light candlelight perfumed oil pot butter whips leather silk. On a beach but the sand. Against a tree. The woods, nor are we out of it. Before breakfast. Instead of orange juice. Twice a week. Once an hour. Whenever he comes he. Lie on yer right side if you want a. Turn it around baby so that I. When you. Whenever you. It’s important to. Depending on. While you. At the moment of. During the. If the. When she. As soon as he. As soon as we.

If you. When you. Everyone going whispering shouting the. When you feel that. When you discover the location of. Depending on how you. If only we tried the. You just have to. You might. Well, but. No, but. Really. Believe me. Believe me. Be. Leave. You’ll be. Better. Yes it. By far if you. Why don’t you. Can’t you. Listen. Murmuring to believe me.



*2008 WOOD COIN: Flag Football Issue: Berge, “The Pull”