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Beauty is Elementary

Philip Corner*



extremely                                       extremely

        soft                                              loud

    slow                                                  fast

    smooth                                                   accented

          sustained                                                   moving

       conjunct                                                leaping

        resonant                                             harsh

    harmonious                                                   dissonant

 pure                                                                 noisy

      peaceful                                                     tense

    simple                                                   complicated

       contemplative                                                   virtuosic

Sections of time alternate taking characteristics from each of the columns.     In order not to privilege either of these poles the time-frame will change by 3-measure units.     The next group of three will have a different duration.     The actual material sounding in these measures will be unlimitedly free within the understanding and acceptance of the parameters imposed.     Ph.     for many or few



*2010 WOOD COIN: On Education in ‘America’ as We Plunge Issue: Corner, “Beauty is Elementary”