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Days with Art




Once on campus the art people
covered every piece of visual "art"
to raise AIDS awareness. (So
many talented queers falling
like lepers seemed unfair--
whether funding to stop the
spread of the infection was
a direct result remains a murky
ideal.) We tore gigantic black
sheets of paper from the rolls.
We bought and/ or dyed worn
bedsheets black for the larger
trickier sculpture. Funnily, or no,
silence descended as we blackened
the art work, a darker veneration;
also, funnily or no, our peers
grew somber, watching. Awe, then,
communicated. After the day
without art the same old paintings
or new sculpture or whatever were
restored, to what even the art
fags take for granted-- our dull B-
grade art collection on campus.
We do have that one nice Grant
Wood in the library for contrast.



*2010 WOOD COIN: On Education in ‘America’ as We Plunge Issue: AnnyNymity, “Days with Art”