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The Last Post




Last log-in: 2/4/2009

GENERAL has broken down in the tank. Tank afterward by excessively backfill. The material has been limited to the secondary containment is a tank

BOOKS Ankle bone, astrobleme-29 overreject articles sludge overflow (is) from the mud this time is not possible, because long-distance position and dangerous ice

XEUS'S BLURBS About me: Undaunted daunted Equipment malfunction or operator error (not sure yet) caused overflow of waste activated sludge (WAS) from the sludge return lift station. Entered storm sewer intake that discharges to ground surface and flows to creek. No recovery of the snowmobiles is possible at this time due to the remote location and dangerous ice conditions. I field verified the location of this accident on this date. It is unknown whether or not any gasoline or oil has or will leak out from the two snowmobiles. Any recovery of gas or oil will be impossible. I told Mr. Gene Covault to try and locate and remove these two snowmobiles as soon as possible. This may not be able to be done until later this spring, if at all. Tanker truck was being unloaded into an above ground storage tank. The level indicator on the tank malfunctioned. The tank was subsequently overfilled. The material was confined to the secondary containment for the tank. .



--social media find, which lead to news of the poet, who’d drifted north, into the blizzard of the year
*2010 WOOD COIN: Of Drains and Ladders in this Life Issue: XeusZenon, “The Last Post”