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A November Situation

William Doreski*



Our shadows flop on the pavement
like slices of meat. The low sun
intimidates, blinding traffic

downtown to a crawl. You want to sneak
into the movies, but today
there's no matinee. The sports bar

offers the afternoon soaps,
so maybe we should hoist an ale
or two and mellow ourselves

in shades of brown as rich and worn
as old leather books. Too frugal
to get as drunk as we should,

we'll make half a dozen ales last
until the afternoon light fails.
Our shadows precede us north

past the huge brick Catholic church,
and the grumbling of the traffic
sounds grim as the old Latin mass.



*2012 WOOD COIN: Controversy! Blasphemy! Slander! Marriage!... Issue: Doreski, “A November Situation”