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Known as Eros in Roman myth, this Greek boy has a quiver of arrows, a set of wings, and a perverted job to do... making erotic love. He usually shows up nude or in artfully draped cloth for his many appearances in art, poetry, literature; the image of him here is actually a cherub by Raphael, most recently popularized on postage stamps and in the livingrooms of gaga gay men; baroque and romantic, this kid is an icon to hold onto. Logically, Cupid's education in love began well before most everybody else because he was the offspring of Ares (God of War) and Aphrodite (Goddess of Love)... Maybe his parents fought enough to drive him out of the house to learn and earn at a young age? or they were so busy touring that the elders of the city took him on? Some depictions of Cupid show two arrows: lead-tipped for hatred, gold-tipped for love. Valentine's Day would be more or less confusing without him.