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After 9 Days of Cold Rain, Anything Blooming Trampled

Lyn Lifshin*



"Still west," you write, "with a PO
box in Hell." A jolt, like the wild pear
exploding hours after Sunday snow.
White crystals, white petals. "On

the tip of the spear," you said. "Hard
to unplug, wired for weeks, dreams
like war games." The green of your
words out-jades the geranium. A

jolt, your words after almost a year.
Not even the spears of pink leaves
I could smell from the road as much
comfort. "Might be in your city,"

Darvan, codeine - warm as the cat
coiled in my knees. "Still west," you
wrote. Then you didn't. War dreams
hang in branches. I think maybe

Jakarta, he wrote me once from there.
The geranium that should have died
spreads thru the sunroom. Last year's
oak leaves hang on the branches. The

petals I smelled from the road smashed
into mud. Pink spears gone, the tips
of the spears he wrote about dissolve.
Rain, the branches, pink lace over, I

watch for his screen name. I was over
that. The cherries are over, the nine
days of cold rain aren't, the paper
says, over yet



*2009 WOOD COIN: Is Art in the Heart or Does Love Lie Apart from the Love Issue: Lifshin, “After 9 Days of Cold Rain, Anything Blooming Trampled”