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Beware of hijackers who want this artillery...

"Original and quality magazine.
Heavy on quirk."*

Visual art & text (c) 2008-2019 Wood Coin.

Images on Welcoming pages (c) 1981 Joe Ruggiero, Found Objects.

Rights revert to the writer or artist upon publication.

ISSN: 1946-4320.

Creator Designer Editor Publisher: James K Beach.

This magazine supports freedom of expression. That being said, there are unwritten guidelines of integrity and sanity to which Wood Coin adheres.

If the wallpaper behind the TAILS pieces is too intense, please click on the author's byline for a text-only PDF; HEADS issues are all PDF. To avoid malware (however embedded) on any PDF anywhere, you might want to adjust your browser settings to just open, rather than download, documents. Or simply verify that your PDF reader is updated if you trust common software to be a step ahead of hackers. Getting "lost"while reading is a pleasure sometimes; when flummoxed try using the "back" button on your browser.

For bios of artists, poets, writers included in Wood Coin, see the [contributors] page.

James Kevin Beach

Because of the peripatetic nature of the publisher, Wood Coin was put online in several areas in the United States...

Issues FFI (11/09) - WSSI (02/09): Santa Fe, NM.
Issues HPBB (05/09) - SDSI (05/09): Albuquerque, NM.
Issues YRSM (12/09) - TUNU (03/10): Santa Fe, NM.
Issue PPFI (07/10): Albuquerque, NM.
Issues CBSM (02/12) - NSSP (09/12): Minneapolis, MN.
Issues DEII (08/13) - AFEI (08/13): St Petersburg, FL.
Issues GUNM (01/18) - TTFW (09/19): Providence, RI.


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TAILS (2008-2013)


HEADS (2018-2019)


THE EDGE (2018)

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Although the first set of 18 issues (TAILS) completes one side of the coin, another set of 18 issues (HEADS) debuted in January of 2018. THE EDGE of the coin debuted in December of 2018

Feel free to contact [ woodcoinmagazine at gmail] with short prose, verse or visual art for a complimentary analysis and consideration for publication.

Send up to 20 pages in a Word doc or 10 jpg images. Will consider longer work to be serialized. Please include a brief bio. Submissions for the edge of the coin are to include a generic query letter, a summary or synopsis or nonfiction book proposal, and a sample of the completed manuscript of up to 50 pages.

*review quote: Cartwheels Collective, 2009